Thursday, June 30, 2011

Featured in Flaming Beauty

Sending out a thank you for featuring me in this treasury !!

Pretty in Pink

My very first treasury on Etsy yayyy , i have to say this was a lot of fun and I hope it brings those featured some luck with sales during this slow time so many have been having . Its just a pink kind of mood here today , enjoy !

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And their off !

There is no better feeling then a stack of orders being packaged and sent off to their owners ! Well ok thats an exaggeration surely there are better feelings but this feeling is a awesome one none the less !! Here's todays shipment and I have high hopes for a even better one on Friday ! Wish me luck !

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A good days end

Its closing time.... ( sang to matchbox 20 of course ) been a loooong looong day but a good one. Loads accomplished work wise, spent time with family and managed to create something new. I love creating something new !

Tomorrow is Wednesday yayyyy!! The middle of the week is so sweet, the reminder that the weeked will be here shortly. I have no plans as of yet for the 4th of July. Most likely we will be staying home and enjoying the company of each other. It would be a great time to have a Karoke evening with family and friends . No one will be able to hear us over surrounding fire works !! LOL

Life is a Roller Coaster and Im enjoying the ride !

life as we all know is full of ups and downs and twists and turns but thats what makes it interesting ! I find myself on a constant roller coaster but never bored ! From being flat out broke to having money for extra things back to being broke and so on an so on , to drama issues that fix themselves out , business that seems to be doing nothing and dying , to the sudden turn around of sales starting to really take off . Plus all the other things in between ! It makes every day my eyes open a challenge, a reason to get up and get going! I used to think of the perfect life as one with everything secure, known, tranquil an stable . But now i realize if it was I'd be bored and have to create some chaos some where ! It sure does keep you on your toes and spices things up whether for the good or for the bad, each situation gives strength ! now bring on the day !

Monday, June 27, 2011


Things have really been starting to take shape around here lately. I feel as though I'm finally accomplishing something ! Creating a hour by hour schedule has been tremendously helpful ! Im less scatter brained and not in ten million different places at one time, result ? By the end of the day I have completion , verses in progress !!!

 Freshly assembled ready to be finished....
 in the finish process
Here is something new i have started. I used to hang all open orders on my work room wall, now , i only hang the ones I have finished. Its less overwhelming and really helps to lift the spirit. To be see what you have done rather then what you have to do is sooo much  better !

Thursday, June 23, 2011

the 3 little kittens

Being summer , school break and the amount of work I'm now doing on a daily basis, I caved and gave in to the idea of a kitten to keep the youngest ones happy . Well, even though I really really didn't want to take on a responsibility when I already  have so many, they fell in love with the kitten instantly , a love at first pet kind of deal. To save arguing I named the cat for them, welcome our newest family member Lainey.

  A few days went by and Lainey was the center of attention by all in the house. She rarely had time to sleep as she was always in the arms of one of the boys , They of course were really good about taking turns in the beginning but as time progressed and each one started to fall in love with her even more , well , then came the terrible idea of each one of them having their own kitten. Voila ,Welcome Carly and Freddy , named of course by Jayden and Justin two of the biggest icarly fans !

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sleep its finally that time !

Very very long day today and I totally slipped off my schedule. I need to regroup before I slip and fall behind ! I have decided that staying up til 3 and getting 3 hrs sleep  just isnt worth it. I need to go to sleep now and wake up feeling refreshed ready to tackle the day. I have a good stock cut and waiting to be painted so thats a good start. I want to get finished up with things tomorrow for a big ship on friday .  My boys need me to take some time off and I really am looking forward to spending some quality time verses nodding my head at them over the squawk of a saw. Good night to everyone out there !

And here's the three  I'm looking to spend some good down time with

One of my favorites on Etsy

Being an artisan on Etsy , I know how hard it can be and how every little view you get you appreciate. I have decided to share some of my favorites from time to time for others to see just how wonderful Etsy artisans are . I love love this

There are many more of these  in different sizes and colors . i can just picture my boys wall lined with these and i drool at the thought of organization !!! If you'd like to see more of these click here 

Does it always have to be witty or well written ?

So  I have been sweating the whole blogging thing, running tens of millions of ideas through my head and waiting until I came up with something uberly exciting to write about. Well , if I were to do that , I'd have no blog. My day is entirely to hectic and in need of some desperate control and organization as it is. So , I have decided to just go with it , just throw it all to the wind and write ramblings of any kind that come to mind. Maybe some self expression will help the stress levels in my life calm down.

    If I had thought to do this over the years, and there were such things as blogs when I was totally wanting to journal my life, it would be insane to sit back and read through all of the events that I have been through. It kind of saddens me to think there are probably many moments I would enjoy reading word for word about again , then , on the other hand just as there is always evil to accompany good , there would be a ton of which I'd never care to read another single letter about so I guess it is for the best , and as they say everything happens for  a reason yaddy yaddy.

So , if your reading this , be prepared for this to not be a blog as written by a journalist or a news caster , entertainment , comedian or any other person of interest, but maybe you'll find that to be a good thing, a step away from a society normal. Til  next post ... Peace out

Monday, June 20, 2011


Finished packaging up all of today's puzzle shipments, labels printed an their off and running to their destinations !
for those who do not use online shipping I highly recommend it , the money I save by using paypal online shipping is fantastic ! Lowering my shipping rates for customers with the online discount plus the free delivery confirmation . The free delivery confirmation number saves .70 per package alone. This adds up as you can imagine when your shipping 1 to 10 packages a day , some days more . I highly recommend Usps's scale for accurate package weights. I purchased mine from Amazon , it was much cheaper and arrived faster then if i had ordered it through usps itself  I also order all of my boxes from usps , they are free, free shipping , and this saves a lot as well . Purchasing boxes from places like lowes runs your bill up fairly fast as well. Thanks for reading , I hope my rambling helps someone out there ! ~Cathy

An introduction

It seems as though just about everyone has a blog these days. I started one a few years back , mostly for keeping our family updated that live a couple states away . Like many other things I have started, it started out really good, and i kept it updated frequently . I couldnt wait until the next post and would think of all the little cute things the kids had done etc to be able to post in our family blog. But as many things , this was another start to a project that would soon fizzle out. Facebook soon replaced the blog . Why start another one ? Im not sure to tell you the truth, but lets see how long this keeps going !

So a quick run down on the person behind the blogging and the ones who influence her daily life. Im Cathy, a wood worker , mom of 6 , grandmother of 2 with a 3rd on the way sometime in Feb 2012 . I make mostly personalized wooden name puzzles right now as there seems to be a much higher demand for them then anything else i make. I hope to get a few new designs more geared for home decor etc soon.

I hope to keep this blog going and that it will grow to be a useful tool as well as a smile maker from time to time