Monday, March 19, 2012

Taco Meatloaf pie , huge hit !

After looking for something new and different to feed the family for dinner , I ran across a recipe for pizza meatloaf pie, we tried, it , it was a huge hit , and the next evening the kiddo's begged to have it again. Two nights in a row.... well this would eventually burn out this yummy recipe and it would no longer be something different and new. Ohhhhh wait, i have an idea ! How about we add some taco seasoning , and then top it with taco toppings . Fantabulous ! They ate the entire thing in no time at all , no fighting with eat your dinner, stop playing , if you want snack your going to need to put some speed into that fork ! Heres the recipe for anyone else wanting to try it

1/2 cup bread crumbs
5 oz of evaporated milk ( which translates to a half cup , and a half of a quarter cup beings i do not have a 1/8th measuring cup )
1 lb of hamburger
taco seasonings
taco toppings.

mix the bread crumbs , taco seasoning and evaporated milk in a bowl, crumble in hamburger a little at a time if you want a easier job , if not , and you like things the hard way just dump it all in at one time and stir for what seems an eternity . lol

in your preheated to 350 degree oven , put the meat mixture in a pie pan , flattened out to look like a pie , bake it for 20 minutes , drain out the grease, top it with some awesome cheese, throw it back in the oven til cheese is melted , and then voila , done , top it with your toppings of choice and enjoy :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Great day finally !!!!!!

Awesome quality time day with the kiddo's ! much needed. Chilling on your front deck in your bright pink rabbit pajamas while watching them ride their bikes is just to amusing . Dodge ball in these same pajamas on the trampoline is even higher entertaining !

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Expanding by the moment !

Tons of new going on around here lately !!! I love wood working and having the ability to express myself through my work. Not that I dont love doing the childrens line i did so well at, but , now , like oh my I can just do all kinds of things !!! The possibilities are endless and I'm way past excited to be on the road to awesome things. ! Today's expression is coming through sarcastic little cute sayings, kind of like those button pin's you used to wear excessively in the 80's, are all those dangly key chains that get in the way , but these are even more awesome , they are wooden , hang on the wall sit on the desk or where ever else you feel the room needs a little sarcasm to brighten things along LOL . Yep yep, pictures to follow later ! Peace out !