Monday, March 19, 2012

Taco Meatloaf pie , huge hit !

After looking for something new and different to feed the family for dinner , I ran across a recipe for pizza meatloaf pie, we tried, it , it was a huge hit , and the next evening the kiddo's begged to have it again. Two nights in a row.... well this would eventually burn out this yummy recipe and it would no longer be something different and new. Ohhhhh wait, i have an idea ! How about we add some taco seasoning , and then top it with taco toppings . Fantabulous ! They ate the entire thing in no time at all , no fighting with eat your dinner, stop playing , if you want snack your going to need to put some speed into that fork ! Heres the recipe for anyone else wanting to try it

1/2 cup bread crumbs
5 oz of evaporated milk ( which translates to a half cup , and a half of a quarter cup beings i do not have a 1/8th measuring cup )
1 lb of hamburger
taco seasonings
taco toppings.

mix the bread crumbs , taco seasoning and evaporated milk in a bowl, crumble in hamburger a little at a time if you want a easier job , if not , and you like things the hard way just dump it all in at one time and stir for what seems an eternity . lol

in your preheated to 350 degree oven , put the meat mixture in a pie pan , flattened out to look like a pie , bake it for 20 minutes , drain out the grease, top it with some awesome cheese, throw it back in the oven til cheese is melted , and then voila , done , top it with your toppings of choice and enjoy :)

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