Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My soon to be new models

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful *models* to be able to use for modeling my products :) here are three out of 5

Monday, August 8, 2011

Get your categories right !

So this morning I take my normal morning stroll through the categories on Etsy , look to see where I am at in the list and low and behold im pushed to the very bottom. This is NOT something that happens to me often as I have tons of renewals all the time and my sales have picked up enough that they keep me at the top . Why am I pitching a fit ? Because, last time I checked a rocking chair was not a flipping puzzle ! Its indeed a " chair " is it not ? does this not belong in furniture perhaps ???? Then you have the " soft ball " this is plush ! Get it right ! Im questioning whether I spy bags are indeed puzzles, I think Etsy needs to get better categories but still , when you blatantly list under something you know you have no right to be listing under just to give your shop exposure, this entirely ticks me off, and while I hate being a snitch , You can bet your bottom dollar that I will report these to Etsy . Not that it will do any help per say but at least I will feel better , and Im doing everything I can to ensure I have a thriving business or at least a good chance of obtaining this ! Vent over ! Get it right people , and if you see listings like this that are clearly breaking rules, do your part and report them. Maybe if enough of us pull together we can get Etsy back to what it was and should be !

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pink and Green Craze

I think the pink and green combination color scheme is like the in color scheme of the year ! Seems I have so many orders for things in these shades. Oh to have a little girl to decorate in this color scheme for ! Being a mom of 6 , and only 2 of those six being girls who are grown and out on their own it gives me great pleasure to create girly things for others ! Here's my latest

Friday, August 5, 2011

Now on Flickr

It has just come to my attention that I have lost all of my information for my previous account on Flickr , soooo , I have started a new one , This one I hope to keep up with much better , although I don't seem to be completing my goal on keeping my blog up to date ! So many things to do in a days time and never enough hours ! I need much better scheduling !

Anyway , i thought it would also be neat to have a place to show through photo's more about me for those who might be interested. My photo's will very insanely as it is all in what the mood is.

For a while I had taken the interest in photography and wanted to do it as a profession , but , I also realize that there are people cut out for it and those who are not. I have wound up with taking decent photo's for our family albums but this satisfies me , my wood working keeps me busy enough for five of me , I long to have the chance to just shoot pictures for fun , something other then product photo's but when the chance arises I'll be sure to share them :) Here is my flickr :) Hope to have you add me ! Puzzled Expressions