Monday, February 13, 2012

My quick easy and yummy Ranch burgers

I had a original recipe for Ranch burgers but after not having all of the ingredients one evening and being lazy and not feeling like running to the store to pick them up improvised a little. Funny how things work out when you improvise as this recipe is even better then the real one that I had so i wanted to share, super easy and fast to make. adds some zest to a ordinary meal.

When I make it beings i have a few mouths to feed i make it up with 3 lbs of hamburger. Sorry for not having a smaller portion recipe .

3 lbs of hamburger
2 packs of lipton onion soup
and about a cup and a half of ranch dressing ( i buy what ever is on sale at the time and it all taste good in this recipe )

just add the soup mix stir it up , then add the ranch , stir that up , make it into patties, throw it on a broiler pan, broil for about 20 mins ( or until its done to your liking ) on low and then top with a little ranch dressing and let sit for bout 5 minutes so the ranch soaks in a little. Voila, done and delicious :) happy eating ! If you try it and like it please comment :)

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